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Registered Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy is a therapeutic massage that focuses on rehabilitation of injured muscles and joints, realigning of the spine, hips and shoulders through muscle manipulation, and self care through stretching and strengthening. 


This massage includes an Assessment in the first treatment session.

Pregnancy Therapeutic Massage

Prenatal massage from a trained professional is so important to ensure the safety of you and your unborn child. Kristina has extensive training and clinical practice in pregnancy massage.


Prenatal massage is excellent for women in their 2nd and 3rd trimester who have a healthy pregnancy. Techniques used can help aid childbirth by relaxing the hips; reducing aches and pains from changes in weight on lower back and between shoulder blades; reduce sciatic pain associated with compression of sciatic nerve due to piriformis (gluteal) tightness; increase feelings of happiness and calm, and so much more.

Pregnancy Therapeutic Massage includes an Assessment in the first treatment session.

Therapeutic Chair Massage

Do you have trouble getting on/off the massage table? Do you feel uncomfortable about getting undressed or have trouble undressing? Do you still want to have massages but are limited in space? Chair massage is the perfect massage for you!


A massage chair is easy to get on/off of, and it does not involve undressing (however, if you wish to be undressed, proper draping will keep you covered).


The chair takes up very little room, is easily transported and very comfortable, with an array of adjustments to suit your body.

Corporate Therapeutic Massage

  • ​Increases rapport between employee and employer

  • ​Increases productivity and positive feelings towards the workplace

  • ​Reduces stress and depression​​

  • Reduces tension headaches, pain from poor posture, and eye strain

  • ​Reduces sick days

  • Increases feelings of happiness!

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