Forward Head Posture Exercise

Wall exercise to help poor posture, particularly when the head is placed forward to line of gravity.

Forward head posture is very common in this day and age. Computers, phones, and tablets have become a great tool, however, with it has come a change in how we sit, causing us to look down a lot. This causes changes to the neck musculature and spine. Using the above exercise daily and throughout our routine can help to keep our spine aligned and reduce muscle imbalances.

Head posture can cause severe complications in the spine, particularly around C7. Often a dowager's hump will form over time causing a fat pad over C7 in the attempt to keep the spine straight. If the spine is not kept straight, an increase in the thoracic curve will form as well.

Tucking our chins in, pulling our shoulders back and using our abdominal muscles to support our low back can help support our spine and muscles, reducing fatigue and pain.

Hold this exercise for 5 seconds, release for 2 seconds, repeat 15 times. Perform at least once daily.


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