With specialty add-ons you can personalize your spa experience, making it memorable and exciting.

Essential Oils

​​Essential Oils           Free of Charge

Add any one or blend for a personalized, therapeutic touch to your massage. 

Look at our Body Treatments page for full list of Essential Oils and their uses.   

(Essential oils are not recommended for pregnant woman, please advise the practitioner if you are pregnant. If you have a health condition, contact your doctor to check to see if Essential Oils are recommended.

Please inform the practitioner at time of appointment if you wish to have essential oils added)

Specialty Massages

​A perfect relaxing and soothing addition to any service.

​Face Massage            $20

​20 Minutes of Bliss. Perfect for healing migraines, tension headaches, easing stress and relaxing tight muscles. Helps with fine lines and wrinkles, reduces puffiness and dark eye circles.

​Scalp Massage           $15

​15 Minutes of Peace. Can be applied with oil or without. A great way to heal migraines, tension headaches, and release stress. Stimulates scalp​, while promoting hair growth. The oil is great for dry hair, replenishing the scalp and cuticles.

Paraffin Wa​x

Hands or Feet          $15          

Both Hands / Feet  $20

​Luxurious treatment that leaves your hands / feet silky and smooth. Can also help with pain from overuse injuries and arthritis.

Relax on the Run

​Mobile Spa

Special Add-Ons