​Chair Massage

Do you have trouble getting on/off the massage table? Do you feel uncomfortable about getting undressed or have trouble undressing? Do you still want to have massages but are limited in space?

Chair massage is the perfect massage for you! It is easy to get on/off of, it does not involve undressing (however, if you wish to be undressed, proper draping will keep you covered). The chair takes up very little room, is easily transported and very comfortable, with an array of adjustments to suit your body.

It is a great way to have between 2-6 people take part in the massage in one hour. Perfect for fun gatherings, and an extra treat for family and friends.

GST is included in prices.

1 Hour             $70

1.5 Hours        $100

2 Hours           $130

​2.5 Hours        $160

3 Hours           $190

3.5 Hours        $220

4 Hours            $250

​​                    Body

  • Increases circulation to limbs, tissues, muscles, ligaments and organs

  • Improves movement of lymphatic fluids

  • Promotes faster healing of strained muscles and sprained ligaments

  • Increases muscle length, flexibility and spatial awareness

  • Reduces formation of excessive scar tissue

  • Increases knowledge and awareness of poor posture, muscle tone and strength

  • Treats Musculoskeletal problems, thus increasing muscle tone, strength, and good posture

  • Provides greater joint flexibility and improves range of motion

  • Improves physical and mental stamina

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Relieves muscle pain, tenderness, soreness and stiffness

  • Reduces muscle spasms, hypertonicity (excessive tightness) in muscles, aches and pains, adhesions, scar tissue, and inflammation

  • Relieves tension related headaches and effects of eyestrain

  • Strengthens the immune system, nervous system, and health and nourishment of skin

  • Decreases the build-up of lactic acid, improving muscle tone.

       (Perfect for pre and post-sports events)


  • Increases relaxation and calm by decreasing sympathetic nervous system firing (fight or flight response)

  • Increases sleep and positive feelings of well-being

  • Reduces levels of anxiety

  • ​Enhances capacity for calm thinking and creativity

  • Decreases addictive behaviour

  • Promotes deeper and easier breathing aiding in digestion

  • Conveys sense of caring and nurturing touch


       All ages including infants

  • Infants: creates a loving bond between parents and child, helps the child become aware of their body (arms, legs, feet, hands, head, back, stomach)

  • Children: pain & stress from sports, school, decreases chance of pathologies later in life

  • Adults: helps with poor workplace ergonomics, sleep deprivation, stress, and decreases chance of pathologies later in life

  • Seniors: increases active daily living, decreases pain, increases lifespan and feelings of well-being. Early detection for health concerns such as circulatory problems, cancer, diabetic neuropathies, signs of stroke and heart attack, etc.

(Unfortunately Relax on the Run will only be able to perform massage on people 12 and older due to liability reasons)

​​​​​​​Soothing Table  Massage

Areas treated are dependent upon how your body is presenting. Kristina always ends in a soothing neck and foot massage to leave you rejuvenated and replenished.

​A full assessment for first time clients is free of charge and will give Kristina the information she needs to administer the massage to its full potential.

Swedish Massage
A relaxing massage that combines gliding strokes, kneading and pressure to increase circulation and relaxation, while relieving sore achy muscles and joints. Perfect for someone who has never had a massage or is wanting pure relaxation and bliss.

Session time includes Set-up.

​GST is included in prices.

45 Minutes         $60

1 Hour                 $75

1.5 Hour                 $90

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage
A form of Swedish massage that incorporates therapeutic techniques with the focus on areas that are particularly sore, tight or in need of deeper depth. Often heels of palms, elbows, and knuckles are applied during this type of massage.

Initial Clients 

Session includes Assessment, Health History Questions, and Set-up.

GST is included in prices.
1.5 Hour                $110

Subsequent Sesssions

Session time includes Set-up.

​GST is included in prices.
45 Minutes           $70
1 Hour                   $85

1.5 Hour                $100

 What Can Massage Do for You?

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Pregnancy Massage 

Professional pregnancy massage from a trained professional with years of experience massaging pregnant woman. Your baby and your safety is top priority.

​Pregnancy massage is excellent for woman in the 2nd and 3rd trimester who have a healthy pregnancy. The techniques used can help aid childbirth by opening the hips, reduce aches and pains from added weight on the lower back, between the shoulder blades, and in the gluteal area.

GST is included in prices.

​1 Hour           $100

​1.5 Hours      $150

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