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Kristina is a massage therapy graduate from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2008. She has worked as a Registered Massage Therapist in Alberta and is now studying for the BC board exams to become registered in BC.

​As a mother, she understands how busy being a parent can be. She offers longer hours to enable parents the opportunity to have a quiet evening taking care of themselves.

Kristina believes that massage should be accessible to everyone, and tries to make her services as affordable and easy to access as possible so that it is enjoyable for everyone.

Kristina has owned and operated Relax on the Run Mobile Spa for 4 years both on the mainland and now in Port Alberni.​​​ 

About Us

Relax on the Run is dedicated to providing quality services in the comfort of your home, office or venue that are unique, promote well-being, relaxation and peace of mind.

We focus on bringing you natural products that won't irritate the skin, soothing massage oils that soften and replenish and essential oils for an added therapeutic touch.

​We strive to bring you the best in customer service and are always open to hearing how we can help your services stand out from the rest.

All of our staff are insured and certified.

"Just wanted to say thank you Kristina for such a relaxing evening. It was worth waiting, & thank you so much for letting me bring a friend. The service was amazing, & you totally made me feel comfortable & relaxed. It was a late night. But so worth it. Thanks again Kristina."
Bailey G.

"My face could not thank you enough! haha its so soft and nice since the facial! thank-you for doing it. you rock! :)"
Elissa B.

"Kristina, my back thinks you're the greatest thing that's ever happened to it! I feel great today and I'll be in touch soon to book another massage. Thank you!!!"
Adina S.

 "Thank you so much Kristina for coming into our home and giving my husband and I amazing massages. We plan on being regulars!!!"

Kristina Little

​Licensed Masseuse



"Kristina treated me for 2 years when she was in B.C. and she did an incredible job. At that time she treated me in my own home. She always set things up in manner that was professional, private and always ensured I was comfortable. She treated some difficult leg, hip, and shoulder problems I had and was able to significantly increase my range of motion and mobility. Kristina provided me with stretching exercises as well. I would recommend her to anyone, and wish she was still practicing in B.C. "
Suzanne H
Wishing Kristina was still in B.C.

 "I was so impressed with the professionalism of Relax on the Run. The massage therapist who works there was very knowledgeable and the company had great rates. Despite it being a private home location, the house was kept very clean, organized and quiet. I felt very comfortable and have my next 2 appointments already lined up! She gave me exercises to do at home and took me through a proper history which I have never had before at any of my other massage appointments. Very impressive! I recommend this to my friends. Relax on the Run also has a referral program which entitles me to a one hour gift certificate if I refer two people. Super great way to save money, even though I am saving already!"
Very Satisfied Customer!

"I have been a client of Kristina Little both as a case study for her Massage Therapy Studies in school as well as in my home in September 2007 until she moved to Alberta in August of 2008. Since I am quite handicapped now with Peripheral Arterial Disease as well as severe Diabetes and Osteoarthritis I am quite grateful for Kristina's care and professional therapy. My legs are feeling better now and I was able to take less pain medication after her weekly treatments. Kristina gives me the impression that she really cares for the well-being of her patients and clients. She has always treated me with respect and understanding even when I had quite a few difficulties even turning on the massage table. Furthermore, I would like to add here that I am quite pleased with Kristina's knowledge of my pathology. As a retired teacher, I have great confidence in her theory as well as in her kindness with handicapped persons."
Mickey F.

"My fiancee and I both loved that she came to us, in the comfort of our own home. She not only provided amazing services but was friendly and personable. I will definitely be getting more services done by her in the very near future! Thanks Kristina!"
awesome service!

"Kristina Little, an experienced and well trained Practitioner, has been very helpful to me after I sustained shoulder injuries and broken collapsed vertebras in my spine. Her Massage has helped me with recovery and pain control, and a very much improved function of the injured areas. Her knowledge of physiology and anatomy are truly amazing. Dr. Klaus-Peter Fellenz, MD. FRCP(C), FAAP"
Klaus P.

"Kristina is an amazing practitioner. I went through 2 very serious car accidents and I have arthritis everywhere in my body to the extent that I'm very stiff. In only a few sessions, Kristina has not only helped me to get rid of pain, but she is dealing with the source of the problem and I'm much more limber. She's very professional, but more important, she's a wonderful human being."
Badi S.

"One of the best massages I have ever had. It's so nice being a mother of two and not having to worry about babysitting. She came to me with excellent service and professionalism!!! Highly recommended!!!!"


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